I wanna talk about how important this moment is because this right here is the moment where it all changes.

Two seconds beforehand, Anna had all but given up on Elsa. After thirteen years of being ignored, they reconnect for the briefest of moments before Elsa abruptly shuts her down again and it’s brutal. For those few minutes, Anna dared to hope again. But when Elsa turns away and shuts her out, Anna is so done. She’s sooooo done. That was last straw for her. Because this time it wasn’t just facing a closed door, it was seeing it open slightly only to have it slammed shut on her face. She’s done with Elsa treating her this way and she wants out. 

And for Elsa to deny her that one gift, to not let her go, is what finally sets her off. Elsa won’t give Anna her blessing to marry Hans, yet two seconds later tells her to leave. It infuriates her! And why shouldn’t it?! This enigma of a sister has lived for the past thirteen years as a mere shadow, a ghost over Anna’s head, crossing through the halls wordlessly in passing with not a shred of consideration towards her. Where exactly does Elsa get off, toying with her like that, changing her mind in a heartbeat for no discernible reason? 

So Anna does the one thing she’s never done before: she gets angry, and she gets angry at Elsa. To Elsa. After thirteen years, she confronts her and she doesn’t care that it’s in the middle of a party, she demands to know why. Why Elsa changed, why she shut her out ,what Anna did wrong.  It’s heartbreaking to watch.


She sees Elsa taking away her freedom again but she won’t let her dictate her life anymore. Anna demands more. This time, Anna demands an answer.

But here, in this instant, Elsa finally gives her a reason and shows her exactly why.

Anna sure as hell wasn’t expecting it to be in the form of a crescent wall of ice spikes, but sure okay, yeah, that works too.

In one word exhaling Elsa’s name, Anna expresses wonder, yearning, understanding, and surprise- but none of the hurt, anger, or resentment that was there a second ago. There’s also no fear. Elsa unwittingly revealed a tiny crack but for Anna, it’s enough.

It changes everything. 

first of all, i HATE YOU.
second of all: the most I see this part the moreI love it.
Anna whispers Elsa’s name in that way, like she finally see her not as a cold person, who shutted everything out, and reduced her life to a mass of solitude and boredom.
She sees her for what she is, that scared young girl that had to live all that time alone dealing with such a thing, even if she’s her big sister, the Queen of Arendelle, she sees her for what she is for the “first time in forever”, and if you watch Elsa in that moment you can see it too. She’s fragile, her worst nightmare it’s there waiting to take her, so she runs away. And in that moment Anna sees Elsa for what she actual is.
A fragile, scared girl, who had to hide such a secret for 13 years.




so i wore my my marvel superheroes sweater to disneyland today and the old man who scanned my pass at the front gate saw it and was like ‘hey, marvel! that’s ours now!’ with this huge grin on his face and then his voice got really serious and he said ‘next: the world.

Well I mean I would be okay with that.